Join Ideation Hive, a competition designed to create break-through digital experiences that help organic food and beverage brands excite fans!

And the Winners are...

WrapGenius - Re-imagining the food label together
1st Place – $20,000

This idea allows brands and consumers to work together to co-create a new, better food label. There’s so much interesting data and content around food products (especially for organic brands!), but right now it’s presented via food labels in a way that is not particularly interesting or useful to consumers. But what if we completely rethought what a food label could be? What if a food label took everything we wanted to know about a product, and broke it down in fun, imaginative, and easy-to-understand visualizations that make sense to everyone? What if great user-submitted content like cooking videos, recipes, and pictures of how people are using the product became part of the label itself? And better yet, what if the food label got to know us -- our background, interests, goals, and restrictions -- and started adapting and becoming personalized to our unique traits. WrapGenius allows brands and consumers to work together to co-create the food label we've always dreamed of.

2nd Place – $5,000

Fun way to discover new products based on personal health habits. It is a mobile app that connects to the user's daily eating + fitness history stored in the phone's health tracker apps, and recommends a unique food/beverage product from our brand to help achieve a balanced lifestyle.

3rd Place – $1,000

CleanPlate is a branded app that collects users' pictures of healthy and organic meals and products from your favorite photo sharing platform, Instagram. The app awards points for hashtags of healthy and organic ingredients and products, which can be redeemed for branded products. Users will be incentivized to incorporate brand products in their posts.

Contest Overview

Emerging organic food and beverage brands want to attract and inspire fans with
cutting-edge digital experiences and they need great ideas. That’s where you come in.

The goal is to find the most progressive, unique, and exciting digital
engagement ideas for growing organic food and beverage brands—something that
shows how you wish you could interact with a product and brand.

Creative BriefTips to WinContest Rules


First Prize $20,000
Second Prize $5,000
Third Prize $1,000

Present your idea
to Strategy&

The opportunity
to see your idea
brought to life

How to Enter

Imagine a new, bold
digital experience.


Spread the word
and invite collaborators.


Review comments.
Build and iterate your idea.


Excite your supporters
and get them to vote!

How to Participate

Ideation Hive is all about participation and collaboration. Each idea will have one main Ideator,
but every idea needs plenty of supporters—and probably some collaborators


Owns the idea. Invites
collaborators to join.
Shares ideas.


Posts files to the idea with
approval from the Ideator.
Shares ideas.


Reviews ideas. Comments,
votes, advocates.

Selection Criteria
Open Submissions

Creative minds will have 3 weeks to imagine and build the best ideas, and rally for support.

Top Voted Ideas

The top ideas with the
most support will advance
to semifinals.

Editor’s Picks

Ideation Hive judges will
select their favorites from
open submissions to advance.


Judges from Strategy& will evaluate
semifinalists for the best ideas.

Selection Criteria
  • • Adherence to the Idea Checklist
  • • Innovative use of technology
  • • Level of novelty and creativity
  • • Potential impact on consumer engagement and product sales
  • • Potential for execution by small- to medium-sized businesses
  • • Attention to detail and professionalism
Winners Announced